A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivars and Species

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1. Introduction

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13. Other

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14. Contact and communication

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15. Ordering Instructions

In order to complete the order:

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  2. Add Encyclopedia of Conifers to your shopping basket by clicking on button Add to Basket.
  3. After adding the Encyclopedia of Conifers to your shopping basket, please change the quantity of the books you would like to order and currency of the order if needed. Please click on Update in order to save the information.

    To add a discount code if applicable:
    Please add the discount code in your shopping basket before proceeding with your order, in the field Discount code at the top of the page. Please remember to click on the Update in order to save the entered information.

    If you have checked the currency, quantity of your order and have entered the discount code if available for your order, please proceed with you order by clicking on the button Proceed to Checkout.
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    E-mail address and telephone number will be used by the courier in order to arrange the delivery of Encyclopedia to you.
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    Please enter the captcha code at the bottom of the page to confirm your order and then click on the Continue to proceed with your order.
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    Two payment options are available at our homepage: 1. Payment by Paypal and Credit/Debit Cards or 2. Payment by Bank Transfer. You should select one of the payment options most appropriate for you provided in our homepage in order to complete your order.
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    If you select payment option - Bank transfer at our homepage, you will see all necessary payment details with an option to print or view a Pro-forma invoice, which will contain order summary and all necessary payment details as well. Please make sure that you reference your order number when making a payment via bank transfer.

    As soon as we will get the confirmation of your payment made, we will make a shipment of Encyclopedia from our warehouse located in UK, Swindon to your delivery address. Delivery times in United Kingdom are 3-4 working days, in Europe is 4-6 working days, other countries up to 14 working days.

    Commercial invoice will be e-mailed to you after we have received your payment and arranged delivery of Encyclopedia.

    Please contact us if you need any assistance with the order of Encyclopedia of Conifers by e-mailing to contacts@conifer-encyclopedia.com.